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06/06/2011   Introducing Mini Husky Series Laser, with laser power upto 3 W
30/03/2011   Moving to new facility to meet the increasing demand
10/02/2011   Introducing Husky Series high power laser line generator up to 10 W with active TEC cooling
21/01/2011 Introducing NL Series Laser, designed for Machine Vision Applications
  Nanoline Laser Inc. is a manufacturer focusing on high performance laser based structure lighting products for 3D machine vision, Instrumentation and Inspections applications.
The company is staffed with industrial veterans with expertise in laser illumination system design and production...
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NL Series Laser
Nanoline Laser's NL series laser offer a wide range of structured light patterns including single ...
Husky Laser
Nanoline Laser's Husky structured light laser is a high-power line generator developed for the most ...
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