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Nanoline Laser's NL series laser offer a wide range of structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to ±5%. Laser lines are passed through unique designed aspherical light shaping lens by allowing one dimension of light to fan out while maintaining sharp focusing over the other, resulting in a very thin and uniform sheet-of-light.

The NL laser distinguishes from conventional lasers (with cylindrical optics) by the uniformity of the line pattern. NL lasers incorporate a light shaping device that eliminates Gaussian distribution of the light, resulting in the most uniform laser lines on the market. The design provides superior quality light patterns while avoiding the intricacies of installation alignment and detector calibration.

For applications requiring uniform flat-top illumination, the NF laser can be easily integrated with custom designed LSD which would provide extreme uniformity.



375 nm to 1550 nm
Power up to 200 mW
Uniformity down to ±5% for single laser line
Wide range of structured light patterns
External focusable, ESD,over-temperature, over-voltage, and reverse-polarity protection
Rugged, shock and vibration resistant design
24 months warranty



Machine vision
Industrial inspection
3D contour mapping
Positioning & visualization
Biomedical (e.g. flow cytometry)
High-end alignment

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